Not the Soap!

This is our soap right now.  I thought it would be funny to share with you because I kind of can’t get over how gross it is.  You know how I mentioned once that I like ‘yummy-smelling natural soaps’?  I was thinking more along the lines of Almond, or Ginger, or Vanilla Orange.  Ummm.  This particular gem is Olive Oil, from the Kiss My Face company.  Clearly they are still working on their formula.

What made me certain I would blog about this is that when Yvan saw me take the photograph he balked.  “You can’t put that on your blog,” he pleaded.  “People will think we’re dirty.”

I thought that was funny.  As the result of yogaslingflipflops, people know I scream, people know I swear, people know I cry on the kitchen floor, curled up in a ball.  (Have I mentioned that I cried on the kitchen floor, curled up into a ball?)  People know we fight, and people know we’re struggling to keep this relationship boat afloat.  They know we left our jobs, had no money, worked with leopards in the circus.  (Just kidding on that last part.)  And Yvan has been very supportive of all of this.  That has all been okay.

Just don’t tell them about the soap.



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