Om Chocolate Brownie

Lilac Bakery, prairie friends.  And again, for link-clicking emphasis:  Lilac Bakery.  Oh.  My.  God you have to try their chocolate brownie.  (That’s Oh my God you have to try their chocolate brownie, with sentence-stopping emphasis.  I am not ordering God to try the chocolate brownie.  That would be weird.)   (God is their chocolate brownie.)

I was in the kitchen just now, cutting into triangle quarters the big fat brownie I walked across the street and picked up after yoga today.  (I am back at yoga, friends!  Love, love, love.  And a bakery right across the street!)  And I had this conversation with myself as soon as that first triangle was in my mouth:  “Seriously.  Seriously?  SEER-EE-US-LEE.  Seriously.”  And then I devoured two more triangles and scooted in here to the living room to share my stupid-good discovery with you.

(As an aside.  We have a router, so that we may enjoy our laptop on laps in any room of the house, but it has been out of service for months.  Like twelve of them.  I have been asking Yvan to deal with it for about eleven months now.  Just this week he said he would, and he set aside some time to do it.  And then, just this week, I read that wireless internet is transmitted via microwaves, and I’m not so sure I want those beaming around the brains of my children.  I have to look into it, but I’ve been too busy reading The Queen’s Fool and going to yoga and buying chocolate brownies to bother.  So for now, all of my ‘puter time is spent on a chair in the living room, with the laptop on my lap and two cords stretching from it into the wall.  How very ‘Luddite meets the 21st century’.)

And so.  I share my exquisite discovery with you.  They have cupcakes and cookies and bars extraordinaire at the bakery (or dream palace) too, but come on.  If they’ve got a brownie that can stop time (Brownie Brings Woman Into Present Moment!  Brownie As Tool For Spiritual Enlightenment!)  that’s all you really need to know.

And if you are not a Manitoban (when I write that I think of a bison, Manitoba’s official symbol.  That’s an unfortunate association to have, I think.  Big, dull-seeming bison.  Ontario’s symbol is the trillium.  Much nicer to picture a flower when referring to yourself in relation to where you live) I can still share a treatsy treat with you.  (And Bison-land-ers, you’re also invited.)

My sister Jodi has a beautiful blog called More Sweets Please.  Unfortunately for me it involves baking, which, as a close cousin of cooking, makes me kind of afraid of it.  But it is BEAUTIFUL (inspiring the same kind of “SeriouslySeriously?” debate I had earlier over my brownie), and funny and honest and her desserts are really, really good.  So she and I and your taste buds would love it if you would click on over and check it out.

Funny.  I just took a break to prepare the babes, who had just woken up from naps, to go outside with Dad while I finish this.  The kids were by the door and I peaked in on Yvan in the kitchen.  He had the perfect white box from the bakery on the counter, and was lifting the lid with care.  “Yvan!” I hissed, because if the kids saw him with brownie in his face I knew we’d never get them out the door without a costly sugar compromise, and he replied, “But it’s calling me.”  (Loving look at the brownie in the box.)  “I can hear it whispering my name.”

Amen, brownie lovers.  Amen.


One thought on “Om Chocolate Brownie

  1. Oh yes- I know the power that baked goods can have while sitting innocently in a box on the counter. Yvan is right… they DO call out to be eaten. How good of you to share with him! (Thanks for the website shout out :))

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