My Blog and Dr. Oz

Yogaslingflipflops is in a weird space at present, as you may have noticed.  I am still eager to share my mother-and-child insights with you (like, for example:  A four year-old, a two year-old, two small shovels and a pot of dirt that once housed a plant might seem like an okay combination when it’s been too cold to bring the kids out to play and you think you’re being all free-spirited and actually quite smart to bring a dustpan with you into the basement… but it’s not.  When your back is turned for a millisecond to fold Henry’s shorts (because dressing up in summer clothes is all the babies want to do in the coldest month of the year) the babes will take their shovels and fill the mason jars of the meticulous neighbour with whom you share the basement, climb into spiderwebby corners and sprinkle the floor with dirt, and then smirk at you with muddy mouths while you writhe in emotional pain and try to be cool but realize, so agonizingly, that you  are not.  You are so not.  And then it’s upstairs so Mommy can have calm-down time and those small things can stare at The Doodlebops.)

But I am also busy making my holistic healing business a reality.  And so I am sharing Reiki posts with you, Emotional Releasing elucidations, and special Winter Solstice offers.  (That one’s been extended, by the way!  Check it out here if you’d like to lighten your load and soften your heart…)

A new website is on the way, in which I aspire to combine both of these passions in a fabulous and magical way.  But in the meantime, I appreciate your going with the flow as I post this, that, and the other.  Today’s ‘other’?  A Dr. Oz testimonial on YouTube.

Today I talk Reiki.  Tomorrow maybe pink eye, cat barf, or pee on the floor.  Or just a sweet story about Reine, rocking out in a rainbow-coloured gymnastics outfit, and the Geeg, unphotographed but clad in green swim shorts and an inside-out orange T-shirt, grooving again to The Doodlebops while I smile and nod and scramble to get this done.

Rocking Reine

Or maybe the story won’t end up to be so sweet.  Henry has starting smacking the computer.  And Reine is chanting, “Be finished!”

Sorry, darlings.

And so begin my chronicles of life as a work-at-home mom.

Peace, everyone.  Peace.



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